Humbaur-Trailer with  safety loading package

Still having no possibility taking your scooter with you on a journey? We have another highlight for you: a trailer-based all-in-one solution. The base is a Humbaur trailer with a full tie-down package. Every 2,5cm on a total length of 2,3m, you have the possibility to lash items of any kind. The time where fittings were on wrong places is now over. With 3 installed lashing rails you are highly flexible, in just a few seconds you can mount the fittings wherever you need them.

Article-Nr. 80-1350-2300

Article-Nr. 80-1350-2760





The safety loading packageincludes:
- 2x lashing rail (Art-Nr. 224-2300 | left + right)
- 1x lashing rail (Art-Nr. 223-2300 | central)
- 2x End fitting round (Art-Nr. 682-20)
- 1x alu counter profile (Art-Nr. AL2300x80x4)
- 1x fixture incl. screw connection

The Humbaur-Trailer inclusive the safty loading package is 14 days after peceipt of payment ready to collect in Stuttgart.



Special offer: 219,00 EUR

Bicyclestand E-Bikes 

Special offer: 59,00 EUR

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